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Department Relocations


To assist departments moving from one campus location to another with the relocation of faculty/staff parking assignments.



This policy applies to all relocated departments requesting to move current Faculty/Staff Permit assignments to a parking facility closer to the new location.



This policy is implemented under the authority of the Executive Director of Parking.



Requests for parking assignment changes by departments which are moving from one campus location to another will be honored if space is available and all procedures have been followed.



Reassignment of parking is not always possible. Campus core area parking facilities are typically oversold and the area to which a department relocates may not have the capacity to accept any additional permits.

To qualify for a change of parking assignment each department employee must already have a current University of Illinois parking permit. Shuttle permits do not qualify. Employees who do not meet the qualifying guidelines will not be eligible to move.

Assignment proximity to the new department location will be determined by parking customer seniority. Those who have been a customer the longest will be offered the closest locations.

Individual requests for parking assignment relocations will be honored if space in the requested facility is available. Individuals will not be placed ahead of those who are on the waiting list for any given facility.



Requests for department relocation parking changes must be filed with the Parking Department at least 30 days prior to the expected move to allow sufficient time to address the request and make arrangements if a move is possible.

Once a request has been made, the Parking Department will require a list of all personnel who desire a closer parking assignment. The list must include name, UIN and current parking assignment of each employee.

Upon receipt, the Parking Department will evaluate the request to determine any available parking options within a reasonable distance of the new department location. There is no guarantee that parking will be in one location.

When a parking move cannot be accomplished, those who wish to move closer to the new department location may add their names to the end of waiting lists for closer parking facilities.



Policy-related issues and questions should be directed to the Parking Department, 217-333-3530, or emailed to