Permits and Forms

Faculty & Staff Permits

A permit is an authorization issued by the Parking Department for parking a vehicle on campus for a specified length of time.  

Faculty includes all University of Illinois professors, visiting professors, adjunct professors and instructors (per Rules and Regulations, Section II-K).

Staff includes personnel of the university or of an Approved Allied Agency employed at the Urbana-Champaign campus classified as exempt or non-exempt; union-based, clerical, service, or non-academic classification.

There are two shuttle lots located on the Urbana-Champaign campus - B22 at University and Goodwin and E14 at First and Kirby. To be eligible for the B22 shuttle lot, your office must be south of the Boneyard Creek. To be eligible for the E14 shuttle lot, your office must be north of Stadium Drive (between Neil and First Streets), Peabody Drive (between First and Fourth Streets), Pennsylvania Avenue (between Fourth Street and Goodwin Avenue), east of Goodwin Avenue, and south of Hazelwood Drive (between Goodwin Avenue and Neil Street).