Event Parking


To provide uniform guidelines for event parking requests on the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana campus.


Applies to any request for event parking for university employees or visitors attending a planned event on campus, such as sporting events, department functions, performance events, conferences, or official university activities, as well as other similar events.


This policy is implemented under the authority of the Executive Director of Facilities & Services.


Event parking for large events must be approved by Parking Department management at least one week prior to the event.


Event parking is pre-planned parking for 10 or more parking spaces which may be used for vehicle parking or to accommodate event activities. It does not include the following:

  • Construction related or contractor parking
  • Bagged meter requests other than meter outages approved for an event by Parking Department
  • Temporary parking assignments
  • Parking in Housing controlled facilities
  • DIA related event parking


Arrangements must be made directly with Parking Department no less than one week prior to the event. Event parking cannot proceed until permission has been granted by Parking Department management.

Events requiring a large number of spaces, the parking of buses or trucks, or large areas of spaces to be used for other functions will be restricted to Lots E14, F23, F27, and B22 at the current Bus Permit fee rate.

Payment for rental of the requested spaces must be made in advance of the event.

The requesting customer must provide any barricades, gating, traffic controls, or special signage required for the event.

If tents are used on a parking facility, no stakes, spikes, or other penetrations in the parking surface are allowed.

The event sponsor is responsible for any cleanup of the parking facility related to the event. All cleaning and removal of event vehicles and property must be completed by 6 am the day following the event. The event sponsor is also responsible for any additional cleanup required or damages to the parking facility, meters, signage or other fixtures within the facility. Event sponsors will be notified within 30 days post event of any problems found.

Availability of parking facilities for event parking is not guaranteed. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests; however, parking customer rights and accommodations take priority.

Parking will issue any notices to its customers that may be necessary prior to the event.

Parking deck facilities are not available for any event other than parking (if granted by the Parking Department). Social events in parking decks are prohibited.

Special Event Request Form 


Policy-related issues and questions should be directed to the Parking Department, 217-333-3530, or emailed to parkingcomments@illinois.edu .